Niram Romeo

Romeo_niram_Eseu_despre_Mircea_EliadeRomeo Niram was born in Bucharest in 1974. He currently lives in Madrid. Romeo_Niram_Autoportret
Artistic activity
His most important series of paintings are considered to be “Brancusi E=mc2” and “Diary – Eliade – Essay”. A great many reviews on his work have been published in magazines from Spain, Portugal, Israel, Romania, Germany (Almiar-Margen Cero, Vigo Metropolitano, Azay Art, Raíces, Carta de Sefarad, Diario de Pontevdera, The Magazine of the Association of the Critics of Aragon, Aleph, etc).
In 2008, a thesis on his series “Diary – Eliade – Essay” was held by art critic Begoña Fernández Cabaleiro at the International Congress of Art History, University of Murcia, Spain.
His vision on arts and science expressed in the series “Brancusi E=mc2” was presented at the conference “Art and Physics”, celebrated in Tel Aviv, organized by the cultural association New Vision Israel. In a nutshell, the series identify several similarities in 2 very different areas, Physics and Sculpture, in Einstein’s cosmology and Brancusi’s artistic intuition. Niram tackles different concepts that may be incomprehensible to a viewer unfamiliar to the world of Physics such as Einstein’s theory of relativity, the definition of the form of the universe, Einstein’s equation of the creation of the Universe, the mathematic principle of the hologram and much more. These complex principles are also present, in an intuitive form, in Brancusi’s sculptures. The result is an intriguing journey into cosmology through an artist’s eyes.Romeo_Niram__BRANCUSI__E__mc2_II_1
Romeo Niram’s artistic work is deeply connected to other fields of knowledge, Physics above all, but also Philosophy, Theology, Literature, and Cinema. His is a work of investigation and of the pursuit of knowledge through the art of painting, of identifying similarities in different knowledge areas and of binding them together through art in order to offer his viewer the most precious treasure in a renewed and refined form: Information.
In 2009, at the invitation of the Reales Tercios General Manuel Fuentes Cabrera, Romeo Niram painted the portrait of their Royal Highnesses Prince Felipe and Princess Leticia of Spain and offered the painting to the couple on their 5th wedding anniversary. The painting is entitled “The Gate of the Kiss of Asturias” and it combines elements from Constantin Brancusi, Dali and Leonardo da Vinci. The frame of the painting was made by another artist, Bogdan Ater, and it represents the famous sculpture The Gate of the Kiss by Brancusi. Romeo_Niram_Inceputul_lumii
Cultural activity
Aside from his artistic activity he is the founder of several arts and cultural magazines in Portugal and Spain.
His cultural activity started in 2004 when he founded in Lisbon “Diaspora”, the first bilingual cultural newspaper in Portugal.
In Spain, he founded the arts magazine “Niram Art”, which received several awards for cultural journalism (Best Arts Magazine) from the Movement for Contemporary Art in Portugal. The magazine comprises articles in four languages.
In 2008, Romeo Niram founded “Espacio Niram”, a cultural and artistic venue that also has an art gallery. Espacio Niram offers a new dynamic approach to culture beginning with the original, artistic, hand-made decoration and furniture created by Niram himself in collaboration with another artist, the photographer Bogdan Ater to the innumerous exhibitions, cultural debates, concerts, book launches, theatre shows etc. Espacio Niram was also distinguished, in 2010 by MAC Lisboa for its contribution in support of arts in general and of young artists and writers from Portugal.
In 2010, he founded Niram Art Publishing House that has published so far books of essay, fiction, poetry.
In an effort to offer some form of compensation to artists of different areas, the Niram Art Awards were founded and already count with 2 editions. In 2010, Niram Art Prizes and Trophies were offered for Excellency in Poetry, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Novel, Theatre and Cultural Promotion to both young and established artists, writers and other personalities from Spain, Israel, Romania, Mexico.
In 2009, Romeo Niram was invited to become part of the Spanish elite group “Reales Tercios”, a military order with chivalry roots which date back to the Middle Ages. Its modern duties now comprise the promotion of arts and culture.  Romeo Niram is the first foreigner ever admitted within this Spanish order with the rank of lieutenant. Romeo_Niram_Ensayo_sobre_Eliade_12

2013 – Yakir HaShevet Award by the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem – the Knights of Malta, Israel
2010 – Cultural recognition award, Movement for Contemporary Art, Lisbon, Portugal
2010 – “Gala Internacional de las Celebridades – España, 2010” – Professional Celebrity, TVR International
2009,  distinction  offered by  Reales Tercios, Madrid, Spain
2009 – Movement for Contemporary Art, Lisbon, Portugal

Selected Exhibitions:
Innova 2000, Exposición “Reconstrucción Cultural”, Bilbao, 2009
Movimento Arte Contemporânea, individual, Lisboa, Portugal, Sept. 2008
ICR Madrid, Dic. – Enero 2008, España
ICR Madrid, Nov. – Dic. 2007, España
Sociedade da Lingua Portuguesa, Nov. 2007, Lisboa, Portugal
ICR Lisboa, Sep. 2007, Portugal
Movimento Arte Contemporanea, Portugal, Jul. – Sep. 2007 (collective)
DUQ’S, Lisboa, Portugal, Jun. 2007
Orlando Ribeiro, Lisboa, Portugal, Abril 2007
Cem Medos, Portugal, Feb. 2007
Univ. de Lisboa, Portugal, Enero 2007
Tivoli, Sintra, Portugal, Dic. 2006
Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, “Essay on Lucidity (adagio)”, Amadora,
Portugal, Dic. 2006
Cem Medos, “Essay on Lucidity (evolution)”, Lisboa Nov. 2006
Ayuntamiento de Lisboa, “Essay on Lucidity (génesis)”, Oct. 2006
Universidad de Lisboa, Oct. 2006, (Individual)
Boavista, “Humanitas”, Lisboa, 2006
Los Bohemios, Madrid, España, Enero 2006
Cinema Odeon, Berlín, Dic. 2005
Arte Joven, Madrid, España, Oct. 2005
XV Salão da Primavera, Centro Paço dos Arcos, Portugal 2005 (collective)
Sala de Exposiciones de la Consejeria de Cultura, Madrid, España, Jun. 2005 (collective)
Galería Sacramento, Lisboa 2002
Ayuntamiento de Coimbra, Portugal 2002
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlín, Alemania, Feb. 2000
Ayuntamiento de Colonia, Alemania, Agosto 2000 (collective)
Stadtbibliothek Colonia, Alemania, Sep. 1999
Tacheles, Berlín, Alemania, 1998 (collective)
Istanbul, Turquía, 1997 (individual)
Bucarest, Rumania, 1995 (individual)