Petrachi Florin

petrachi_florin_ax_010 text bio florin petrachi petrachi_florin_ax_008 petrachi_florin_ax_004 petrachi_florin_ax_002    FLORIN PETRACHI’ S GRAPHICS                    

                                          Prof. Dr. Hortensiu Aldea

A representative painter of the contemporary art school of Iasi, Florin Petrachi
belongs to the young generation of artists that defy the experiments and originality at all costs. He looks for his own way continuing a tradition. The painter Florin Perachi by his work and talent succeeded to master the games of fate. Destined by the Fatal Sisters with a strong calling for the art world, he attracted the attention of the public and critics from Iasi.
He won awards as an icon painter and creator of folk masks when still a student. As a student at the Art University “George Enescu” from Iasi, he took part in many group exhibitions and had his personal exhibitions. His paintings can be found in important private collections in Iasi and other towns from Romania, Germany, USA, France and Holland.
Being aware of the profession difficulties, he is constantly worrying about his plastic education. He graduated from master courses while attending the Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Sacred Art Department. He is present at all openings, all museums, he attends various art auctions in Bucharest and he knows the important collections of art.
He is devoted to his work in the workshop, has the consciousness of hard work and that of addressing to the public with an old plastic education.
His last personal exhibition at Moldova Mall Gallery, in the summer of 2012, accompanied by the presentation of the painting album “Florin Petrachi” at the Art XXI Publishing House, coordinated by the art critic Valentin Ciuca, was a genuine public success.petrachi_florin_ax_006
The themes of his graphics are modern, contemporary, but in a classical manner, the sign of a strong temperament. Florin Petrachi’s art does not want to seduce, it leaves you dream, creates problems, forces you to review and commit yourself on the spot. The experience of long days and nights spent in the workshop gives him a certain confidence when composing his works, the conscience that he has made a way into art.
Classically trained, conscious of his ability to evolve, he wants to change into something else. Trying to define himself, he wanted a new test of his professionalism, presenting to the public a personal graphics exhibition within a year from his last painting one.
His graphics move us by the accuracy of the composition. Their beauty is given by the contrast between the white of the background and the accuracy of the India ink lines that define the composition volumes whose themes are recognizable. The surface of the work is not crowded; inspired shades amplify the meaning by the contrast they realize and engage the imagination of the viewer into the defining theme.
The graphics themes deal with complex, relatively disparate issues about faith, intimate life (erotic), social life (the mad king) and the tense, dramatic dispute between man and the forces of nature (tauromahia).
The age, temper, the expressionist modernism that concerns the artistic life from Iasi imposed the theme of the nude tackled without eroticism that does not resonate with the Romanian education.
Petrachi’s graphics is figurative and impresses by the accuracy of the line, a genuine virtuosity, vitality and professional evidence. The lines of force are suggested by the position of the images and create a dramatic feature that shows the inner force of the creator.
The imagination, naturalness and sincerity of the works prove the qualities of a genuine artist.petrachi_florin_ax_005 petrachi_florin_ax_007 petrachi_florin_ax_003 petrachi_florin_ax_009