Romanian Design Week 2014 – 16-25 mai


LOC: In centrul vechi, in Palatul Camerei Nationale de Comert (fosta Biblioteca Nationala)

The Palace of the National Chamber of Commerce in Bucharest will host the Main Exhibition and the Students Gallery, as well as a series of conferences and workshops dedicated to those interested in design, but also activities dedicated to children: a treasure-hunt and other interactive educational programs.

Design EXPO

Main Exhibition // May 16-25
Monday-Friday // 12-22
Weekend // 10-22
17th and 23th of May //opened until 1 AM

The Main Exhibition reunites 150 designers and over 350 works, under the theme ,, Design in Public Space’’. The selection of the works has been made by the organizers, alongside with a board of consultants, including: Adrian Soare, Costin Popescu, Domnica Margescu, Maurice Munteanu, Mihai Gurei and the architect Attila Kim, who also signs the concept and design of the exhibition. The exhibition has 5 main areas: Architecture, Graphics, Fashion, Lifestyle and Object.

Students Gallery  // May 16-25
Monday-Friday // 12-22
Weekend // 10-22
17th and 23th of May // opened until 1 AM

We keep our eyes open for young Romanian designers thanks to this Exhibition made in partnership with Specialized Universities, reuniting works made by Arts and Architecture students from all over the country.

Czech lamps evolution 1950-1990’ // May 16-25
Monday-Friday // 12-22
Weekend // 10-22

OKOLO Creative Group presents ,,Czech lamps evolution 1950-1990’’ Expo, featuring a desk lamps selection from that period in the Ex- Cehoslovakia.

OKOLO: Five Years of Creative projects

17th of May/ The Palace of the National Chamber of Commerce in Bucharest.

Prague-based creative collective OKOLO will present its work from the five years of its existence. Interesting in curating and presenting design, architecture, fashion and art in the different perspectives and original contexts, OKOLO was founded by four friends in 2009. Founders of OKOLO will talk about their projects in creative publishing, curating exhibitions, designing installations and other creative affairs including their very own annual OKOLO magazine, exhibitions prepared for the cities all around Europe, Pedal Project magazine and much more.


The Magic Mountain // ZWEI
May 19 // 19:00

Gastronomy addresses to all the senses, except the hearing. Ileana Sebe wants to change this, adding sound to an amazing food design project, all in one experiment you shouldn’t miss, in which the audience can discover a wonderful musical cake.

Design TALKS

The Importance of Biodiversity and Green Corridors in Cities // SDD
May 20 // 16.00

A sustained debate made by Salvati Dunarea si Delta Association, featuring ONG representatives, architects, designers and public authorities, regarding the importance of the Vacaresti Natural Park for Bucharest, also planning and development solutions for the green corridors in cities.

Frontline Media talk
May 21 // 18:30

Frontline Club Bucharest, promoter of independent journalism hosts a media talk presenting Tzortzis Rallis, founder and designer at The Occupied Times, an independent publication. For its first time in Bucharest, Rallis will speak about the independent publishing and design as a form of protest.

Innovation And Creativity // Economic Development Instruments in The Light Industry
May 22 // 16.00

A conference hosted by Romanian Textile Concept, regarding the importance of association and collaboration in The Light Industry and Fashion in Romania, discussing methods of increasing the competitiveness of the Romanian textile products in Romania.

Dambovita – Eco Solutions Regarding The Recovery of The Running Water in The Urban Circuit
May 23 // 12.00

A debate regarding the status of Dambovita, hosted by Ivan Patzachin Association, Mila 23, Space Syntax, “Apele Romane” National Administration and Primaria Municipiului Bucuresti, with specialized journalists. At the end of the debate will be announced the winners of the international contest “ECO-ARCHIPELAGO 2014 – Temporary Urban Objects For Public Design and Eco-Destinations”.

Design KIDS

Monday-Friday // 12-17
Weekend // 10:30-12:30 – sign-up needed (min. 7 attendees)

Starting from the idea that today we are more strangers to the world that surrounds us than our grandparents were, the DaDeCe suggests to regain our curiosity and our mood for adventure using the DaDeCe’s interactive and educative programs for children between 2 and 8 years old.

de-a arhitectura
May 18// 11:00

Sunday, 18th May, De-a arhitectura hosts an „Architecture Hunting’’, a hunting game that challenges children between 5 and 15 years old to find the clues hidden in the Main Exhibition and to become friends with the Architecture, to learn new things about the Design and to have a positive experience associated with the Design.